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We want to assure you that we are conscientious and concerned about and respect your privacy while visiting the Patriot Talk 920 website. That is why, we will not sell, rent, lease, or give your name or email address to anyone or any organization without your written permission or unless legally required to do so.

Help Us Information

Patriot Talk 920 does not sell or share information about those who Help Us Help Others. This includes data of any kind that may be collected through the website or other means initiated by anyone who uses the website.


We use an encryption key system for data entered on any form used on the website. Your personal information is saved securely in an online database and we do not store any financial information including credit card or online payment technology.

Email Patriot Talk 920

To be included with our organization, you must select to do so by your own initiative. When you provide us permission, we can send you emails or letters about any new resources, events, products, or notices. However, if you decide that you do not wish to receive any additional mailings or emails, you may elect to be removed from our database.
To Access the Link, You Must Use Your Smartphone
To Access the Link, You Must Use Your Smartphone